Family Class

What is it?

This group is admitted to Canada as permanent residents due to their relationship with and sponsorship by a Canadian citizen/permanent resident. Sponsored applicants are typically wives/husbands, dependent children, parents and grandparents.
Applicants (the people who are sponsored) do not have to demonstrate that they have the economic means to sustain themselves. This is because their sponsors are responsible for providing financial support. Further, the ability to support them must be proven before sponsorship can be approved.
The sponsor also signs a document stating that they will support sponsored family members for 3-10 years, to help them settle in Canada..
There are 2 types of Family Class Applications:
1. Spouse and Dependent Children
  1. Married Spouses
  2. Common-law Partners: Couples must have lived together in an exclusive relationship for at least 1 year
  3. Conjugal Partners: Couples in an exclusive relationship who are unable to live together
  4. Children of Spouses and Partners: Biological or Adopted
  5. Children of the Sponsor: Biological or Adopted
This Avenue to Immigrate is given the highest processing priority.
2. Parents and Other Relatives
This class includes all individuals who are NOT spouses or dependent children of the sponsor. Applicants who fall under this category are:
  1. Parents and Grandparents of the Sponsor
  2. Brothers and Sisters of the Sponsor: These individuals must meet certain criteria (under 18 and not in a legal relationship)
  3. Other Relatives of Any Age and Relationship: They must meet certain criteria
Parents of sponsors can stay longer with a Super Visa.
Both forms require different things – each very specific and concrete. It is recommended you call Zohfar Canada for legal advise pertaining to Family Class immigration.