Labour Market Assessment Impact

What is it?

Employers must apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) before hiring foreign workers (exemptions do apply – please contact us to see if you are exempted). To obtain a LMIA, Canadian employers must prove that no permanent resident or Canadian can successfully complete the job in question. Thus, they are able to turn to the global market to higher a foreign worker.

LMIA Applications Process

  1. Make an effort to recruit Canadian citizens/permanent residents
  2. Wages offered to the foreign worker are consistent with the wage offered to people presently in Canada
  3. Working conditions must meet the provincial labour market standards
  4. Show the potential benefits that hiring a foreign worker will bring to the Canadian market (i.e new jobs)
When successfully granted, a LMIA is given to the foreign worker to submit his/her application for a work permit. This permit typically lasts 1 year.
There are short LMIA processing times (as little as 10 days) for high demand, high paying and shortest duration jobs.
Please contact us for help with applying for a LMIA.